HFS Family Planning Program

Get birth control, STI/STD testing, and more for no cost under Illinois’ new coverage program for sexual and reproductive health services! Open to all genders.


What is the HFS Family Planning Program?

The HFS Family Planning Program offers family planning benefits (birth control coverage) and sexual and reproductive health services at no cost.

Illinois rolled out the program in November 2022. The program covers all FDA-approved birth control methods, STD/STI testing and treatment, HIV prevention (PEP and PReP), and more.

With half a million people in Illinois in need of birth control coverage and many more needing access to STD/STI testing, this program can go a long way in helping our communities take control of their health.

Do I qualify for the HFS Family Planning Program?

The HFS Family Planning Program offers two types of coverage: ongoing coverage and temporary, immediate coverage. Both coverage types cover all ages and all gender identities.

Ongoing HFS Family Planning Program coverage

Ongoing HFS Family Planning Program coverage lasts a year and can be renewed each year if you continue to qualify for it.

To qualify for ongoing HFS Family Planning Program coverage, you MUST:

  • Be a resident of Illinois;
  • Have an individual income of $3,600 a month or less before taxes (which equates to $43,200 a year or less before taxes);
  • NOT have public health insurance coverage such as Medicaid, All Kids, or Moms & Babies.*

*Note: If you have public health insurance coverage, you already have coverage to get any FDA-approved birth control method plus other sexual and reproductive health care services (for example, STD/STI testing and treatment) confidentially and at no cost.

Temporary, immediate HFS Family Planning Program coverage

You’ll get temporary, immediate HFS Family Planning Program coverage called Family Planning Presumptive Eligibility (FPPE) for up to two months while your application for ongoing HFS Family Planning Program coverage is reviewed.

You can qualify for FPPE coverage if you say the following when you apply:

  • That you are a resident of Illinois;
  • That you as an individual make $3,600 a month or less (which equates to $43,200 a year or less) before taxes.

You don’t need to provide proof of documentation status or answer any questions about U.S. citizenship to get FPPE coverage. For non-U.S. citizens: applying for this coverage will NOT count towards “public charge.”

You’ll find out if you qualify for ongoing HFS Family Planning Program coverage at the end of the FPPE coverage period (sometime between one to two months after you applied). You will NOT be penalized or billed for using FPPE coverage if you do not qualify for ongoing coverage.

What’s the difference between “ongoing coverage” and “temporary coverage”?

“Ongoing coverage” means that after your application is approved, you have coverage for 12 full months (you can get the services covered under the program at any point the same way you would with any other health insurance).

“Temporary coverage” means that you can get the services covered under the program for 31-60 days, depending on what day of the month you went into the health center.

Applying for ongoing coverage requires documentation as proof, but you can apply for temporary coverage by “self-attesting”, which means just telling the health center that (1) you make $3600 a month before taxes and (2) you live in Illinois.

What can I get with Family Planning SPA coverage?

Here’s what you can get for free with HFS Family Planning Program coverage:

  • All FDA-approved birth control methods (emergency contraception aka the morning-after pill, IUD, implant, birth control pill, birth control patch, birth control ring, birth control shot aka Depo-Provera, tubal ligation aka getting your tubes tied, vasectomy, and condoms)
  • STD/STI testing, treatment and related vaccines
  • HIV testing & prevention (PEP and PrEP)
  • Annual physical with cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer screening
  • Treatment for genital and urinary infections (for example, UTI treatment)
  • Abortion care

Is my care under the HFS Family Planning Program confidential?

You will not be mailed a bill, explanation of benefits, or any other kind of record of the health care services you receive through the HFS Family Planning Program.

If you have privacy concerns (for example, you don’t want a parent or partner to know that you’re getting birth control, an STD/STI test, or another service the program covers) you can apply without telling anyone as long as you are 18 or older. If you are under 18 you will need a parent or guardian to apply, but once your application is accepted your care is confidential.

You can also apply if you already have private health insurance coverage (which means you have health insurance coverage through a parent, through a partner, through your job, or through a plan you bought from the health insurance marketplace).

Please note: you WILL receive a medical card, and notice of decision (approval/denial for the family planning program). These materials will include a brief summary of included services.

What if I don’t qualify for the HFS Family Planning Program?

If you don’t qualify for the program, don’t worry: You still have options.

ICAN! Quality Hub providers will provide care regardless of ability to pay. You can also check out Title X health centers that provide birth control, STD/STI testing and treatment, and more at no cost. You can also access care at Title X health centers if you are traveling from out of state.

How do I apply for the HFS Family Planning Program?

You can apply for the HFS Family Planning Program on the Illinois benefits website, in person, or by phone.

Apply Now Online

Apply By Phone at 1-800-843-6154

Apply In Person (Find a Location)

Want to confirm you qualify before starting your application? Take our three-question quiz to confirm.

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