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Contraceptive Counseling and Education eLearning

CEUs Offered: 3 contact hours
  1. Accurately describe the full range of contraceptive methods
  2. Elicit client preferences about contraceptive methods
  3. Use client-centered counseling techniques to help clients identify a method that best fits their needs and preferences

Using a Patient-Centered Framework

  1. Describe how to apply principles of shared decision-making to contraceptive counseling
  2. Describe techniques to present scientific data with clarity, using a patient-centered approach
  3. Discuss how to address common challenging scenarios in contraceptive counseling

Same Day Placement of LARC: Solutions to Common Barriers

  1. Explain bleeding changes associated with each LARC method
  2. Demonstrate familiarity with use of the U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use
  3. Identify testing required prior to LARC placement
  4. Describe barriers and solutions to same-day placement of LARC methods

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