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Birth control is safe and legal in all 50 states and abortion is safe and legal in Illinois. ICAN! will provide birth control no matter where you live.

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Your Health. Your Rights.

It is your right to decide if, when and under what circumstances to become pregnant or to parent.

You have the right to the birth control of your choice.

If your provider doesn’t give you the birth control you want, you can go outside of your network, primary care medical home or health plan.

If you’re not sure where to find birth control, use ICAN’s provider finder.

You have the right to get confidential care on your own, Anyone 12 and older in Illinois.

You can get confidential care for sexually transmitted infections, (STIs) and birth control, including emergency contraception and long-acting methods like an IUD or implant.

And if you’re under 18, you are not required to notify a parent or guardian in order to get an abortion.

You have the right to request a prescription for a year supply of hormonal birth control methods from your provider.

This includes the pill, patch, and ring. Tell your pharmacist you’d like to pick up the full years supply during a single pick-up/delivery.

You have the right to ask your provider for the EC pill at your next visit so you have it on hand just in case.

There are also EC pills available over-the counter) or an IUD (a good option if you’re looking for EC that also serves as longacting birth control.

Emergency contraception (EC) prevents pregnancy for individuals who are not currently pregnant.

EC is different than abortion which works to end pregnancy for individuals who are already pregnant.

The sooner you use EC after unprotected sex the better.

You have the right to high quality pre-natal care if you find yourself pregnant.

If you find yourself pregnant, you have three options:
  • Abortion
  • Prenatal care to parent
  • Prenatal care for adoption.

A trusted healthcare provider should give you the facts about all options and let you decide what’s best for you.

If you’re looking for more information on abortion access, go to

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