Find a free or low-cost birth control provider

Everyone should have access to birth control. The providers in this search are committed to working with you to get you the birth control method you want, no matter your financial circumstances.

Why choose us?

We’re working with providers across the state to make sure that every patient is given the opportunity and the information to decide for themselves if birth control is for them–regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income, or ability.
ICAN! providers make sure you get the information, services, and support you need. Our providers commit to:
  • Provide free or low-cost birth control.

    Pay what you can. You won’t be turned away, charged interest, or charged with late fees if you can’t pay in full.
  • Offer same-day access to birth control.

    Get the birth control method of your choice on the same day of your birth control visit.
  • Treat you with respect.

    You’ll be treated as a partner in getting the best health care and birth control for you. Our providers listen to your needs and preferences without making assumptions based on what you look like, where you live, or who you love.
  • Give you the facts.

    The information you get and the health care decisions we’ll make together are grounded in science, not personal beliefs.

About ICAN!

At ICAN!, we believe in contraceptive equity: the idea that all people—regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income, or ability—should be able to decide whether or not they want to use birth control and what they want to use it for.