What is ICAN!

Illinois Contraceptive Access Now (ICAN!) works to de-silo, de-stigmatize, and normalize birth control as basic health care.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to do what they want with their own body–no matter where they live, how they identify, or how much money they make. We believe in a simple truth: reproductive freedom is for everyone!

We’ve adopted a three-pronged, systems-change approach to transform the way contraceptive care is delivered, covered, and accessed with a focus on equity and justice.

  1. OPTIMIZE COVERAGE + PAYMENT: We advocate for and oversee implementation of legislative and administrative policies that: ensure universal contraceptive care coverage, hold payers accountable to providing full contraceptive care access, establish state and federal performance metrics related to contraceptive care quality, and expand points of access beyond health center walls.
  2. DEVELOP A TRUER* CARE WORKFORCE: ICAN! promotes routine screening for contraceptive needs and desires, trains community health care and social service providers to educate, screen, and refer clients, and partners with FQHCS to build a statewide network of Contraceptive Care Quality Hubs.
  3. ENGAGE PATIENTS IN DEMANDING QUALITY CARE: ICAN! develops digital tools and content to support patients to: learn about birth control options, determine coverage status and eligibility, and connect to care. Through community engagement, we aim to center patient voices in shaping and implementing contraceptive care policies and practices.

*TRUER = Trauma-informed, Respectful, Unconscious bias aware, Evidence-based, and Reproductive well-being centered

Our Values

  • In community, for community

    We believe in the power of people coming together for a common purpose and seek to create an environment where all voices are heard and valued in our mission to advance contraceptive equity.
  • Trust as foundational

    We trust people to make their own sexual and reproductive health care decisions. We seek to build trust by supporting providers to deliver TRUER (Trauma-informed, Respectful, Unconscious-bias aware, Evidence-based, Reproductive well-being centered) care with shared decision-making at the core.
  • Learn with humility

    We seek to continuously refine our approach in response to new policies, insights from partners and community members, data analysis, and emerging research.
  • Move boldly

    We pursue our mission with tenacity and focus, and we will continue to innovate and press forward until every person can decide if, when, and under what circumstances to become pregnant and parent.
  • Build with heart

    We recognize the impacts of structural racism and oppression on sexual and reproductive healthcare access and outcomes, and our growth strategy centers the lived experiences of marginalized people to achieve fundamental culture change.

Our Community Partners

ICAN! is grateful for the generous support of our funders.