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HFS Family Planning Program Resources

Resources, trainings, and one pagers for providers and staff looking to get up to speed on the HFS Family Planning Program or share materials with patients.

What is the HFS Family Planning Program?

The HFS Family Planning Program is an alternative Medicaid benefits program covering primary and preventive services including all birth control methods.

This coverage is open to individuals of any gender or age who: 

  1. Reside in Illinois
  2. Make $3,500/month or less
  3. Are not pregnant
  4. Are not already enrolled in a public benefits program

HFS Family Planning Program Resources for Providers and Staff

Find up to date webinars and resources on the HFS Family Planning Program — including information on program eligibility, covered services, and guidance on getting patients enrolled.

HFS Family Planning Resources for Patients

Easy to access resources to help your patients understand their coverage options and get connected to high-quality reproductive health care.

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© 2022 ICAN! All rights reserved.