Welcome to ICAN!’s TRUER CARE Resource Center!

What is TRUER Care?

Trauma-informed: understanding the widespread impact of trauma and actively resisting re-traumatization.

Providing dignified care with shared decision-making at the core of every visit.

Unconscious bias aware: challenging one’s mental shortcuts in organizing information and decision-making to truly hear the patient.

Evidence-based: using scientifically validated methods to meet individual patient needs; not perpetuating myths or directing decisions based on personal beliefs.

Reproductive well-being centered: using every visit as an opportunity to support the achievement of reproductive life goals.

ICAN! trainings are free and cover the following topics:

  • The Reproductive Justice framework and its alignment with TRUER contraceptive care delivery.
  • Screening for contraceptive needs and desires with all patients of reproductive age.
  • Patient-centered contraceptive counseling.
  • The full range of contraceptive methods available in the U.S., including how patient preference and values guide decision-making.
  • Accurate coding and billing for capturing maximum revenue.
  • Benefits enrollment to leverage insurance options.
  • Stocking or prescribing of all methods on the day of request.

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