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Refer a Patient

ICAN! makes sure that when you refer a patient to one of our community health center partners across the state, they’ll be given the opportunity and the information to decide for themselves if birth control is for them –- regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income, or ability. 

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Many of our health centers now offer telehealth!

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Unsure which health center to choose from the options above?

Find the right location for your referral. Click the button below to enter the location and existing level of coverage for your referral to see a map of “best match” health centers.

Why refer through ICAN?

  • Respect

    ICAN! Quality Hub partners complete unconscious bias, and trauma-informed care training. Shared decision making is at the core of every visit.

  • Low-Cost, High-Quality Care

    All ICAN Quality Hub partners offer the full spectrum of birth control options.

  • Appointment Availability

    ICAN prioritizes working with partners that can see new patients within a week.

About ICAN!

At ICAN!, we believe in contraceptive equity: the idea that all people—regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income, or ability—should be able to decide whether or not they want to use birth control and what they want to use it for.

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© 2022 ICAN! All rights reserved.

© 2022 ICAN! All rights reserved.