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Welcome! Below you will find courses specifically designed for you! All courses can be completed at your own pace, and can be broken up into “bite size” intervals. If you need to step away, just come back when you can. All lessons and videos will resume where you left off. 

Certificates are available – just click on the link for the certificate you need, respond to the survey and print your certificate upon completion. Certificates available include:

  • Certificates of Attendance (for all courses, for all users)
  • CME – Continuing Medical Education for Physicians (for Foundational Webinars only)
  • CE – Continuing Education for RN’s, NP’s, CNM’s, SW, LCPC, and more (for Foundational Webinars only)

We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know if these courses are helpful and any additional training you would like us to provide. (E-mail us here)

Foundational Webinars & 
TRUER Patient-Centered Care Model

 Printable Birth Control Method Chart 
This easy-to-use chart, available in both English and Spanish,
supports quality, client-centered contraceptive counseling conversations between providers and clients.
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