Who to Watch in Higher Education, Evidence-Based Policy, and Contraceptive Choice and Access in 2023

Snapshot of images from "organizations to watch" websites 2023.

ICAN! was named as an organization to watch in 2023 by an Arnold Ventures article this week:

ICAN is a state-wide organization dedicated to improving the quality and coverage of contraceptive care at community health centers. It believes that people should have the ability to decide if and when they would like to have a family. ICAN is capitalizing on a strong year of advocacy. In 2022, it helped pass legislation to expand Medicaid for family planning via a state plan amendment (SPA), and it helped work to pass pharmacist-prescribed birth control. In 2023, the organization will partner with state agencies to implement the new legislation on the ground.

Victoria (Torie) Ludwin, Arnold Ventures

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