FDA Approves Over the Counter Birth Control

Screenshot of the WBEZ webpage announcing the podcast episode.

ICAN! celebrates this historic milestone in the fight to normalize birth control as basic healthcare. Opill is a progestin-only pill or “mini pill” that has been used safely for decades. This pill is a great option for someone who can’t or doesn’t want to use estrogen and wants to take daily pills. Making it available over-the-counter eliminates many of the unnecessary barriers people face in accessing birth control. Patients who may be interested in learning more about the progestin-only pill and/or other birth control options can take ICAN!’s birth control quiz or learn more about all of the available birth control methods at www.ican4all.org.

Listen to Kai Tao, ICAN!’s Principal of Impact & Innovation, speak with WBEZ’s Sasha-Ann Simons about the implications of the FDA ruling and the work yet to be done to ensure all people can access the birth control method of their choice!

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