Under 18 and Looking for Birth Control?

Do I need a parent or guardian to get birth control?

No! Anyone 12+ can access birth control and STI testing on their own in Illinois. Ask your doctor about your options today!

Where can I find confidential birth control?

ICAN! providers offer confidential, respectful care. Find an ICAN! clinic near you!

If you complete a search and you’re not finding a clinic near you, you can still get birth control. Look for results that say “telehealth available” to select a provider that offers birth control by phone call or video call.

How much will it cost?

In most cases, your birth control should be free!

If you have concerns about payment, share them when scheduling your appointment. If you’re using a parent’s insurance and want your visit to be confidential, be sure to tell the health center when scheduling your appointment.

Do I need a prescription for birth control?

Sometimes! Hormonal birth control like the pill, patch, or ring require a prescription. Some methods like the IUD, implant, or birth control shot require a clinician visit as well.

Condoms and emergency contraception are available over the counter. If you are eligible for Medicaid (or already on Medicaid), they’re also free! Ask a pharmacist for more details.

Speak up for yourself!

EVERYONE has the right to respectful and unbiased reproductive health care!

Ask questions if you’re unsure about the information being shared with you. If your existing health care provider doesn’t have the birth control you want, ask for a referral or find a provider that offers all birth control methods by using our birth control provider search.

Be confident – only YOU know what’s best for YOUR body!

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