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Learn more and stay up to date with the latest resources on contraceptive care delivery.

Now more than ever, people need to be able to access their birth control method of choice.

ICAN! has developed a 1-page resource for providers on navigating reproductive health care post-Roe.



Contraceptive Counseling and Education eLearning

CEUs Offered: 3 contact hours
  1. Accurately describe the full range of contraceptive methods
  2. Elicit client preferences about contraceptive methods
  3. Use client-centered counseling techniques to help clients identify a method that best fits their needs and preferences

Using a Patient-Centered Framework

  1. Describe how to apply principles of shared decision-making to contraceptive counseling
  2. Describe techniques to present scientific data with clarity, using a patient-centered approach
  3. Discuss how to address common challenging scenarios in contraceptive counseling

Same Day Placement of LARC: Solutions to Common Barriers

  1. Explain bleeding changes associated with each LARC method
  2. Demonstrate familiarity with use of the U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use
  3. Identify testing required prior to LARC placement
  4. Describe barriers and solutions to same-day placement of LARC methods

Introduction to the Quality Family Planning Recommendations eLearning

CEUs Offered: 1 contact hour
  1. Explain the purpose of the QFP Recommendations
  2. Describe the scope of family planning, related preventive health, and other preventive services as outlined in the QFP
  3. Put into practice the quality counseling principles outlined in the QFP



How to use the PATH Framework to Discuss Reproductive Goals with Patients

  1. Do you think you might like to have (more) children at some point?
  2. ​When do you think that might be?
  3. How important is it to you to prevent pregnancy (until then)?

Practical and Sustainable Steps for Address Bias in Contraceptive Care

  1. Describe how bias may impact patients’ experience of care
  2. Demonstrate practical strategies to mitigate the impacts of bias
  3. Utilize patient-centered counseling approaches to support patients who want contraception access information about the full range of options and select their method of choice

Updates in Contraception

CEUs Offered: 1 contact hours
  1. Identify birth control methods coming to market
  2. Describe how long patients can safely use LARC methods
  3. Explain what new methods are currently under study

Contraceptive Access Change Package

  1. Support sites with development of a comprehensive strategy to improve contraceptive access
  2. Identify the 4 best practices based on a review of the literature and established guidelines

Trauma-Informed Care with Adolescent Patients

  1. Describe how to apply
  2. Explain the multifaceted definition of trauma-informed care
  3. Define trauma, identify potentially traumatic events, and give examples of the range of experiences that can cause trauma
  4. Explain the significance of trauma in health care, and identify components of a health care visit that could be perceived as dangerous for traumatized adolescents

Patient-Centered Care

  1. Demonstrate strategies for IUD and implant device insertion and removal, including difficult cases
  2. Demonstrate instructing patients to self-administer DMPA-SC

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