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How to Share and Embed ICAN’s Birth Control Quiz

What It Is

ICAN! is helping individuals make informed decisions about which birth control methods might be best for them, join us!

ICAN! believes it should be normal for patients to talk to their primary care provider about their reproductive choices and contraceptive options without seeing a specialist. We want to ensure that people have the facts and understand their birth control options. Our goal is not to direct individuals towards particular contraceptive methods, rather, our goal is to create the conditions for individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.

Informed by the PATH Framework (a shared-decision making model of person-centered contraceptive counseling), ICAN!’s birth control quiz offers a simple way for people to freely explore their birth control options and learn about themselves and their preferences through the experience of answering the questions. Many people have never been asked these questions before, help us help more people by sharing the quiz widely!

How to Directly Embed In Your Site

Quickly and easily add interactive content to your site! Just copy and paste the below code into your website.

<div><div class=’op-interactive’ id=’63595f26599e38323529b462′ data-title=’Copy of Sameen – ICAN! Birth Control Options Assessment (1) (9)’ data-url=’′ data-width=’100%’></div><script src=’//’></script><script>initIframe(‘63595f26599e38323529b462’);</script></div>

How to Link Directly to the Quiz

If you prefer not to embed the quiz, you can also share on social media, or direct your users to the URL at